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Cooling emergency?
No sweat!  Just tell us when you need our temporary cooling tower and we’ll handle it.

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Soluciones Temporarias Para Torres de Enfriamiento

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Tower Tech Temporary Installations
How dependent is your facility on its cooling tower? If emergency repairs or a natural disaster shuts down your cooling tower today, do you have a plan to replace its cooling capacity?

Applications for Temporary Cooling Towers - Retrofit or Replacement of an Existing Tower Tower Tech temporary cooling towers allow you to separate your facility or process from your primary cooling tower while continuing to provide full undisturbed access to your existing tower in times of retrofit, renovation or replacement.


Whether a natural disaster or equipment failure takes your cooling tower down, a temporary cooling tower can get you back in business with minimal downtime.

Planned Maintenance on an Existing Cooling Tower
Tower Tech temporary cooling towers are an excellent way to replace cooling capacity during planned equipment maintenance because it reduces the pressure to get your primary tower back online. In this way, maintenance can be done right the first time, without costly overtime.

Download our temporary cooling tower brochure to learn why Tower Tech is the manufacturer of the world's largest fleet of temporary cooling towers.

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