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Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Fiberglass Cooling Tower The Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower is the most technologically advanced and best performing fiberglass cooling tower available.

Tower Tech Modular Cooling Towers never need rebuilding because they are constructed of premium heavy-duty pultruded reinforced fiberglass (FRP). Built to withstand seismic zone 4 and 150 mph wind loads. Tower Tech uses no wood in any of its towers, nor does it use galvanized metal in any wetted area of the tower. (Only the vinyl coated safety screen installed below the mechanical equipment - beneath the tower module - is made of galvanized metal.)

Tower Tech Modular Cooling Towers have FRP substructures and housings.

Get A Quote Today The Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower requires less maintenance attention than other fiberglass cooling towers because its mechanical equipment is located in the cool, dry intake airstream under the canopy of the tower module, prolonging service life. When maintenance is required, it is performed easily and safely at grade level without the need for expensive cranes. Further, the Rotary Spray Nozzle eliminates the need to ever enter the tower to unplug clogged nozzles. Because there is no mechanical equipment above grade level, it is never necessary to climb or enter a Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower to perform routine maintenance.

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