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Cooling Tower Manufacturers For most frp cooling tower manufacturers "Quoted first cost" is only the tip of the iceberg when purchasing a cooling tower. The costs of civil construction (basin, foundation, steel, and concrete work), partial field assembly, setting the tower in place, piping, electrical, and start-up are often judged to be similar for all cooling towers. However, significant differences exist among cooling tower manufacturer offerings and it is important that these differences be recognized, because most tower manufacturers' quotes will not dwell on them for long, if at all.

In contrast, a Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower™ is completely factory-assembled and two workers and a crane operator can install a tower module in less than an hour.

Most conventional towers require civil work, structural members, and concrete columns to support the cold water basin, and the cost of such work is seldom considered in the price quoted by the tower manufacturer.

Get A Quote Today In contrast, every Modular Cooling Tower has an integral fully enclosed high velocity Flow-Thru Basin™ which obviates the need for most, if not all, civil work. The elevated basin allows the use of horizontal split-case double suction pumps, which reduce capital outlays and reduces tower operating and maintenance costs. Furthermore, every Modular Cooling Tower arrives with its own sub-structure kit (legs) for ease of installation on steel or concrete piers.

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